"Roseanne" is dead. Long live Darlene?

Sara Gilbert has reportedly been calling fellow "Roseanne" cast members to gauge their interest, should ABC go ahead and reboot the show focused around single mom Darlene.

John Goodman is said to be "very interested," TMZ reports.

It's basically the same thing as what fans had suggested after "Roseanne" was canceled, that the show should be revived and focused around Dan Conner or the Conner Family. Centering it around Darlene does the same thing -- especially if Goodman will be there, and we know Darlene's kids would be involved. As long as Laurie Metcalf brings in Aunt Jackie, why not?

A spinoff would save the jobs of the crew, cast, and writers who suddenly lost their Season 2 jobs.

However, as Entertainment Weekly had previously pointed out, Roseanne Barr helped to create these characters. So a spinoff around existing characters would still give her money:

"The characters were conceived by her and Matt Williams. If the sitcom were to continue without the matriarch, the actress would still benefit financially. So a key insider informs EW that discussions will continue today on whether it makes sense to keep the other actors but potentially design a new series around them — ergo, the Bonners, or whatever you want to call Goodman, Metcalf, and the clan of misfits."

It sounds like ABC is serious about retaining the supporting structure of this brand, just erasing Roseanne Barr as the lead. The "Roseanne" revival was their most popular new series and they don't want to lose that audience. But it may be bad news for fans of canceled shows like "Lucifer," since they were hoping maybe the "Roseanne" opening would mark their salvation.

[Via: TMZ, TVLine]

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