Alexander Skarsgård is one of Hollywood's hottest men -- and it seems he's one of the hottest women, too.

The actor dressed in drag for the premiere of his new movie, "Diary of a Teenage Girl," last night in San Francisco. He donned a feathered blond wig and strutted down the red carpet in a glittery gold dress and silver sandals. The look was very '70s, which is when the movie is set.

It's unclear why Skarsgård dressed as a woman for the premiere, as he doesn't play a drag queen in the movie. Perhaps it was a nod to co-star Joshua Grannell, a drag performer who goes by the name Peaches Chris, who does. Here's a better look.The coming-of-age movie centers on Minnie (Bel Powley), a San Francisco teen who embarks on a journey of sexual evolution after losing her virginity to her mother's boyfriend (Skarsgard). Kristen Wiig stars as Minnie's mom.

"Diary of a Teenage Girl" opens in limited release this Friday.

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