It was widely reported that this year's Golden Globes show would be the swan song for amazing co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, news that put us through the five stages of grief pretty quickly (followed by lots of heavy milkshake-drinking). The duo have hosted the glittery awards show for the past three years, exposing the inherently sexist, silly nature of Hollywood but doing with such good-natured aplomb that it never came across as acid or mean-spirited (like the infamous previous host Ricky Gervais).

What was kind of upsetting about last night, though, was how little Tina and Amy were actually given to do. It felt like last night the dynamic duo had the least amount of screen time out of any of their gigs. After a terrific monologue (more on that in a minute), they were largely sidelined, interjecting where they could but mostly silent (or hidden backstage somewhere or in the maze of underground tunnels I'm fairly sure exists underneath the Beverly Hilton). Still -- when they were on stage, they were genuinely incredible. And if this really is their final job hosting, they went out on top. Obviously.

1. The Monologue
A lot has already been written about their razor-sharp monologue (you can watch it below), but it needs to be reiterated that it was really, really, ridiculously funny. They took aim at the ridiculousness of the evening and its participants (Tina: "You bunch of despicable, spoiled, minimally talented brats"), the brouhaha surrounding the release of "The Interview" ("All the movies North Korea was okay with"), the current nominees ("We Anderson arrived on a bicycle made of antique tuba parts") and, most damningly, Bill Cosby. (What? You thought two outspoken, brilliant feminist comedians wouldn't joke about the defamed comedy legend, currently staring down more than two dozen sexual assault allegations?) Maybe the most delightful element of their monologue was when they went around the room talking about who they'd rather or not sleep with. Our favorite bit? Weighing who would be better in the sack -- "Boyhood" director Richard Linklater ("Once a year for five minutes") or "Birdman" filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu ("Two hours, one take"). All in all: they killed it. Now what can we do to bring them back for year 4?

2. Introducing Margaret Cho
Fairly early in the show, Tina and Amy decided to introduce the newest member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association -- Cho Yun Ja, a North Korean contributor to Movies Wow played by none other than cult comedienne Margaret Cho. She was totally in character, straight-faced and wearing nearly kabuki-style make-up, gripping an issue of her magazine ("Kim: Break the Internet"), taking a selfie photo with Meryl Streep that was photographed by Michael Keaton and photo-bombed by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch. It was pretty great, orchestrated with gleeful anarchy by Fey and Poehler.

3. Cho Yun Ja Returns
Thankfully, Margaret Cho's introduction was not her last appearance -- she would pop up periodically throughout the night, even saying the final words of the telecast. But it was her first appearance back after her introduction that was the funniest. Particularly for her final zinger: "Also I think 'Orange is the New Black' should be in the drama category. It's funny but not ha-ha funny." And then everyone was hacked again.

4. Tina's Awesome Glittery Tux
We just have to take a moment and give it up for Tina's awesome glittery tux, which she wore during the middle section of the show. This might be the only glittery tux to be more awesome than David Oyelowo's glittery tux (undoubtedly part of the Daft Punk evening wear collection). Fey's outfit had her bow tie all askew and was just looking really, really cool. It was a wonderfully gender-defiant piece of fashion that was also elegant and smart and witty.

5. The Matthew McConaughey Joke
Amy's Matthew McConaughey joke was brief but totally amazing. "When your producers tell you you're running long, there's only one thing to do... here's Matthew McConaughey." Alright alright alright alright, this was a pretty great joy. Yes it was, yes it was. (By the way, how stoked was McConaughey when his best bud Richard Linklater took home the big prizes last night?) And yes, this was better than the Oprah intro. By a fairly considerable margin.