The boys are back for "Barbershop 3: The Next Cut" — and this time, they're joined by the ladies.

Global Grind debuted the first trailer for the follow-up to the 2002 original "Barbershop" and its 2004 sequel, "Barbershop 2: Back in Business." Calvin (Ice Cube) has joined forces with beauty shop owner Angie (Regina Hall) to save both of their businesses. That introduces a whole new level of banter and jokes in this third movie, and sparks fly between the men and women.
There are new players on the scene, too — Nicki Minaj as a flirtatious hair stylist and Common a barber married to Terri (Eve), and they get involved in a bit of a love triangle. But while there's a lot of light-hearted fun, the movie also ventures into more serious territory as the staff and patrons of the shops band together to fight rising gang violence in Chicago.

"Barbershop 3" opens in theaters April 15, 2016.

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