After charming moviegoers for years, Chris Hemsworth has finally joined Instagram, and the actor has wasted no time winning us over on social media, too.

The hunky Australian has already posted a pair of pics since first joining up a few days ago, and each represents a different facet of his personality: goofy and sweet. Hemsworth's first photo featured the actor (presumably) in his backyard Down Under, giving the side-eye to what appeared to be a ridiculously large (and ridiculously scary-looking) snake; he captioned the image, "the real Jurassic Park."

Hangin' with the locals in my backyard... the real Jurassic Park!

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Thankfully, Hemsworth survived that encounter, and lived to Instagram another day. His next photo, posted on Thursday, revealed that the actor is a devoted family man, determined to spend time with his pint-sized son despite a tough workout regimen.

The family who trains together, stays together!

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"The family who trains together, stays together!" Hemsworth captioned the pic, as he lifted one of his toddler sons and flexed his muscles in mock macho pose. Excuse us while we revel in the adorableness.

Welcome to Instagram, Chris, and thanks for making our days brighter. We can't wait to see what you share next.

[via: Chris Hemsworth]

Photo credit: Chris Hemsworth