Assisted by a pair of crutches, Cobie Smulders limped onto the stage of the "Late Late Show."

"I just really like the attention," she joked to host James Corden on Thursday. "I like it when people just approach me like this," she said with her arms spread out wide.

In fact, the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" actress, who now stars in the new drama "Unexpected," broke her leg.

"It's just so silly," she said. "I just fell in my apartment and it was so silly." She continued, "It's so dumb, it really is. I wish I had a better story."

To show how much of a warrior she is, Smulders actually didn’t realize it was broken to begin with and just carried on with her life.

"I was leaving the next day to go shoot a movie in Savannah, so the smart me decided to strap my newborn onto my chest and go to Savannah," she said. "It was like a solid a day of walking, a solid day of re-breaking my bone."

In Unexpected," out Friday, the actress plays a teacher in Chicago who finds out that she’s pregnant, though nothing about this pregnancy is planned. At the same time, one of her students is also pregnant.

"So it's a story about these two women undergoing … the pregnancy but under every different circumstances," she said. "It's more about, from the female perspective, on one hand it's kind of about a woman's journey emotionally and psychologically and what that means to become a mother."

Avengers: Age of Ultron

"A New Age Has Come."
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