Put down that yo mama joke -- it belongs to someone else and you could be sued for lifting it!

"Conan." Named in Robert "Alex" Kaseberg's copyright infringement lawsuit are Conaco, TBS, Time Warner, Conan O'Brien, "Conan" executive producer Jeff Ross, and head writer Mike Sweeney. The suit details the four jokes he claims were stolen, along with their counterparts on air.

Here's one joke, which he claims he published on or around January 14:

A Delta flight this week took off from Cleveland to New York with just two passengers. And they fought over control of the armrest the entire flight."

After he posted that joke, he claims, this joke appeared in the "Conan" monologue:

On Monday, a Delta flight from Cleveland to New York took off with just 2 passengers. Yet somehow, they spent the whole flight fighting over the armrest."

Other joke examples involve Tom Brady, Cailtyn Jenner, and the Washington Monument. The "Conan" production company responded (via The Hollywood Reporter): "We at Conaco firmly believe there is no merit to this lawsuit." Conan tweeted that he's on vacation this week, and his show has been on repeats, but Andy Richter jumped in with some jokes about lawsuit:

Haha. Seriously, though, what's worse: Stealing someone else's original joke or coming up with a joke so obvious several people could legitimately claim they thought of it too?

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