Bloody Mary! Bloody hell! Bloody finally -- the "Paranormal Activity" franchise is officially ending this October with "The Ghost Dimension" and the first official trailer was just released. Producer Jason Blum promised that this movie will answer all of the mythology questions from the past films, and the trailer states, "For the first time you will see the activity" and "Every secret will be revealed." But even if you haven't been following any of the mysteries, you can just watch it for the "There's something behind you..." scares and more shots of people looking into mirrors as the reflections do their own things.

Check it out:

"Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension" follows a new family and their young daughter who move into a house (bad idea - never move in a movie, especially with kids!) and discover a video camera and a box of tapes in the garage. They start watching the tapes, which are at least 20 years old, and one of them features a little girl with the impressive talent to know when to say "bless you" when you sneeze in real time. At least these creepy ghost children are polite...

"The Ghost Dimension" comes out on October 23, just in time for Halloween scares. If you want to prepare, you can rewatch the past movies, from 2007's "Paranormal Activity" to the 2010 sequel, the 2011 one after that, and the 2012 one after that.

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