A new Netflix documentary series chronicling the unbreakable bond between people and dogs will have you wagging your tail in happiness -- and reaching for the tissues, too.

The trailer for "Dogs" showcases plenty of adorable pups, of all ages and breeds, and sets to explore not only why people love these animals, but the many different ways that they play an integral role in our lives. The show's six episodes -- developed by Academy Award-nominated director Amy Berg ("Deliver Us From Evil") and producer Glen Zipper -- shine a spotlight on a wide variety of people, pooches, and locales, featuring stories from around the globe and protagonists from all walks of life.

Among them are an 11-year-old girl and her service dog, who helps her manage her seizure disorder; a Syrian refugee who fled his war-torn country, and is trying to rescue his beloved husky that was left behind; an Italian fisherman whose loyal Labrador is both his best friend and business partner; a profile of Japanese dog grooming culture, and two world-renowned groomers; a resource-strapped shelter in the Costa Rican rainforest that services thousands of dogs; and an inside look at the dog adoption and rescue system in New York City.

After watching "Dogs," we have a feeling we're going to want to adopt a pooch or two ourselves. The entire batch of heartwarming episodes will be available to stream on Netflix on November 16.