Ed Helms felt right at home playing patriarch Rusty Griswold in "Vacation."

"I related to this character an embarrassingly large amount," Helms tells Made in Hollywood. "Part of the reason I was so excited to do this movie is that I just felt like I really understood Rusty."

In playing the grown-up version of Chevy Chase's son featured in the original "Vacation" films, "I understand that desire to be a good person, you know?" says Helms. "And I think a lot of people do. It's aspirational. So, yeah, I kind of instantly fell in love with him."

The comedy, which his theaters Wednesday, centers around Rusty's family trip gone horribly wrong. Christina Applegate, Leslie Mann and Chris Hemsworth also star. -- Written by Dahvi Shira.


"What could go wrong?"
R1 hr 39 minJul 29th, 2015
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