To put it lightly, Clark Griswold isn’t the brightest guy around, but he's lovable and his scenes from the "Vacation" series are hard to forget. Chevy Chase reprises the character with a brief appearance in the new “Vacation” movie. This time around it's his grown-up son, played by Ed Helms, who leads the next generation of Griswolds through the shenanigans, co-starring Christina Applegate as his wife, Leslie Mann and Chris Hemsworth.

Take a look at some of the most memorable moments from the franchise that opened last week:

1. Sharing a Beer With Rusty, "Vacation" (1983)
After Clark runs the family vehicle off the road, he sits down with his son to have a "man to man" chat and says, "When I was your age my dad shared a beer with me and I thought it was the best thing in the world." Clark takes a sip of the brew and hands if off to Rusty, who chugs the entire can in seconds as his clueless father rambles about family vacations.

2. The Hap Hap Happiest Christmas Speech, "Christmas Vacation" (1989)
Note: Adult language
Christmas is all about family and nothing will stop Clark from "celebrating" with his loved ones in "Christmas Vacation." After nearly everything goes wrong (a cat catches on fire, his Christmas bonus didn't come, his uncouth cousin Eddie arrives) the family decided to call it quits on the family function, leading to a legendary rant.

3. Moose vs. Man, "Vacation" (1983)
After driving across the country to visit the glorious (and fictional) Wally World in California, Clark is beyond angry when he finds out that amusement park is closed. A happy, electronic moose greets the Griswolds at the front gates and says, "Sorry folks, we're closed for two weeks to clean and repair America's favorite family fun park." A moose will feel pain.

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4. Little Red Corvette, "Vacation" (1983)
One of the most iconic scenes in "Vacation" happens as a beautiful blonde (Christie Brinkley) in a red convertible catches Clark's attention. He makes googly-eyes at her and thinks she's reciprocating the interest. Maybe she is, too. She meets up with Clark later at a motel. And, well, it doesn't work out too well.

5. Dreaming of a Bright Christmas, "Christmas Vacation" (1989)

Clark is determined to have the best looking, most festive house on the street during "Christmas Vacation," but it's not so easy. He falls off the roof once and can't seem to figure out why his 25,000 Christmas lights won't work. The disaster infuriates him such that he assaults a plastic Santa Claus set in this front yard. Soon the entire city of Chicago suffers.

6. Stonehenge knockdown, "European Vacation" (1985)
Clark and family are visiting beautiful Stonehenge in England in "European Vacation." As the family is getting into the rental car, Clark decides to impart his ill-advised wisdom, as he often does: "Take a last look, kids, at one of man's most curious creations built to stand the test of time and the elements, war, you name it — a thing of glory for a million future generations to see." Turns out it really was a last look.

7. Doggone It, "Vacation" (1983)
On his way to Wally World in "Vacation," Clark ties Aunt Edna's dog to the bumper of the family car and forgets about it. "Sweety, do you hear that rattle?" he asked wife Ellen, not realizing that noise is the dog's leash dragging against the ground.

8. Grand Canyon Scene, "Vacation" (1983)
Clark needs money, but can't get any. His credit card has been reported lost and a Grand Canyon hotel won't take a personal check. After a clerk walks away without helping in the financial matter, Clark pounds the desk. In doing so, the cash register next to Clark's hands opens. Clark grabs a handful of money and bolts. Though he tries to hustle his family to the car for a clean getaway, his wife Ellen wants to take in the sight's sweeping views. With his arm around her, Clark bobs his head for a second or two and shuttles his wife into the car.

9. German Dance, "European Vacation" (1985)
Clark participates in a traditional German slap dancing-fight routine in "European Vacation," but he doesn't know the rules. He takes it too far and actually starts brawling with his fellow dancers, punching one and head-butting another. One of the German brutes ends up giving Clark a good 'ol fashioned punch. Dance over.

10. Double Down, "Vegas Vacation" (1997)
After the family goes to Las Vegas in "Vegas Vacation," Clark gets severely addicted to gambling. He becomes so addicted to the thrill that he tells his family to explore Sin City on their own so that he can gamble.

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