Ed Helms recalls one vacation that left a bad taste in his mouth - literally.

"I went on a trip with some buddies to Indonesia, and it was actually a really amazing, incredible trip for the most part, except when I got debilitating food poisoning and was laid up in this little inn and just not able to function," the "Vacation" star tells Made in Hollywood.

The question was prompted by the theme of the film, which centers around Helms' character Rusty Griswold taking his family on a trip that goes terribly wrong.

Luckily, Helms looks back on that real-life nightmare with a laugh.

"I'm adventurous - to a fault," he says.

Check out Helms and Christina Applegate’s wild adventure in this latest installment of “National Lampoon's Vacation," which hits theaters July 29, and also stars Leslie Mann and Chris Hemsworth. -- Written by Dahvi Shira.


"What could go wrong?"
R1 hr 39 minJul 29th, 2015