Emma Watson, Emma Stone

Warner Bros./Lionsgate Films

Someone needs to just cast both Emmas in a movie -- Emma Watson on one side, Emma Stone on the other.

Maybe it's a horror movie. Maybe it's a superhero movie. Maybe it's a romantic comedy and they fall in love in the end.

Either way, this feels like it's leading somewhere.

Billy Eichner just returned with more "Billy on the Street" -- ambushing random people on sidewalks with random questions, and then yelling at them as he runs away.

It doesn't sound like it should work, but it's awesome.

In his newest video, Billy acknowledged all the serious questions facing the country today ... so he decided to ask New Yorkers if they agree that Emma Stone should join Instagram. The result was amazing on so many levels. Poor Emma Stone just seemed so sweet and awkward, and some of the fans on the street were classic.

When one guy was asked for his favorite Emma Stone movie, he said "Harry Potter."

Billy: "That's Emma WATSON."

Emma: "That's OK."

Billy [angry whisper to Emma Stone]: "Why couldn't you be Emma Watson?"

Funny he should say that. Emma Watson was originally attached to the "La La Land" role that ultimately got Emma Stone her Oscar. More recently, Emma Watson was announced to replace Emma Stone in "Little Women." They are locked in a Hollywood dance. Now we just have to get them their own franchise -- and maybe throw Emma Roberts into the triangle.

Watch the whole thing, and keep going, keep going, keep going to the end for Emma Stone's never-ending horror face:

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