Just call him misunderstood.
"Fantastic Four" actor Toby Kebbell says his villainous character Dr. Doom shouldn’t be hated on so much.

"He's a guy who's been told he's a genius and told he's bright,” Kebbell explains. "He has all these fantastic ideas, and then the politics of it all, and the B.S. make sure it doesn’t come to fruition. So, he's frustrated and anguished with it all."

Kebbell adds that the Dr. Doom you will see in the latest of the Marvel comics series film adaptations differs from the one you may recall.

"I remember Doom from reading the hand-me-down comics," he says. "I remember how just filled with hate and arrogance he was. This version and the origin is less that he’s all powerful or all arrogant."

See Dr. Doom is all his glory, when the film about earth-saving superheroes - which stars Miles Teller, Jamie Bell, Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan - in theaters on Friday.

Fantastic Four

"Change is coming."
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