"Game of Thrones" might have dragons and zombies, but something it absolutely doesn't have: jetpacks.

Sunday's season 6 finale left many fans wondering how Varys and Arya were able to travel so quickly. In particular, it seemed impossible that Varys could move from Meereen to Dorne, then back to Meereen to stand alongside Daenerys on her ship to conquer Westeros. All that continent-hopping led to some tinfoil conspiracy theories, but producer Bryan Cogman revealed on Twitter that there's a very simple explanation.

So, just because only half an hour elapses between Varys's appearance in Dorne and his appearance in Meereen, doesn't mean it didn't take him weeks or even months to travel that distance. Same with Arya. While her journey from Braavos to Riverrun seems lightning fast in episodic time, it may very well have lasted months in real, Westerosi time.

He added:

Looking closely at the final tableau of Daenerys Stormborn's fleet, you can see Martell and Tyrell ships, indicating Varys sailed back with them to Meereen. Then, all of her allies left together in one, very imposing fleet. Arya likely booked passage with a captain just as she did before the Waif stabbed her.

Sorry, no jetpacks. Except for Littlefinger's, of course.

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