ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" - Season ThirteenRelationships are never easy on "Grey's Anatomy," and that's not suddenly going to change in the second half of Season 13.

That's the main takeaway from a recent email interview Shonda Rhimes did for TVLine. The show creator answered questions about the upcoming episodes, and she made it clear that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Alex (Justin Chambers), Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), and the rest of the Grey Sloan gang will continue to have complicated relationships, romantic and otherwise.

"Meredith's journey is always interesting and complex," Rhimes told the publication. "There are so many aspects to her as woman, a surgeon, a sister and a mother."

Given that she had been asked about the character's relationship with Nathan (Martin Henderson), her response was impressively vague. Still, wherever things may go with the two doctors, it sounds like we can expect the usual turbulence.

Rhimes was equally evasive when answering questions about Arizona and Eliza (Marika Dominczyk), and DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Jo (Camilla Luddington). She called the first two's relationship "barely a flirtation" but hinted that there will be fun in "waiting to see what unfolds." As for DeLuca's feelings for Jo, she didn't feel it was "mature to put a name on" whatever is developing, leaving it unclear what that could mean for them and for Alex.

Clearly, Rhimes is good at keeping her story lines a mystery -- just as she is putting together compelling and complex drama. We'll see it all play out when "Grey's Anatomy" returns on Jan. 19.

[via: TVLine]