"Game of Thrones" is over, but don't expect HBO to rush out a prequel series.

The premium network still hasn't set a release date for the project starring Naomi Watts. During a recent TCA event, HBO President of Programming Casey Bloys told Deadline there's "no timeline yet." He added that he hasn't even seen a cut.

"I'm excited but no timeline yet," the exec said.

The project got a pilot order in June 2018 and has since put together a strong cast. It began filming earlier this year, in June in Ireland. While many plot details remain under wraps, we do know that the story is set thousands of years ahead of "Game of Thrones." Bloys told Deadline that fans can expect to see "some references" to the hit show but not "direct references." That's similar to comments from George R.R. Martin during an EW interview late last year highlighting that the prequel deals with "a different and older world."

It's still early, so don't expect your curiosity to be sated anytime soon. We'll just have to keep waiting for HBO to decide whether or not to pick up the series and, if so, when to release it.

[via: Deadline]