Since joining "Black Panther" as M'Baku, Winson Duke has been plenty busy with the MCU. That doesn't mean he doesn't have time for other projects, too, though.

Duke boarded the upcoming action thriller "Heroine," THR reports. He's described as a "tragic figure" who lives in a neighborhood where something bad happens. The story centers on a mother who moved to a new neighborhood to turn her life around, only to inadvertently end up on the bad side of an Aryan gang when she witnesses a crime.

"Heroine" is one of multiple projects that Duke currently has in the pipeline. He has multiple movies coming out in 2019, including Jordan Peele's "Us" and Anthony and Joe Russo's next Avengers movie. Prior to that, he appeared in "Avengers: Infinity War" after "Black Panther" and has had roles on the TV shows "Modern Family," "The Messengers," "Person of Interest," and more.

The upcoming thriller is both written by and directed by Daniel Casey. So far, there is no release date, but the film is expected to begin filming this spring.

[via: THR]