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Nicole Kidman is trading one high-profile HBO limited series for another with her latest venture, "The Undoing." And just like "Big Little Lies" before it, this series is drawing some major talent.

Hugh Grant has just signed on to co-star opposite Kidman in "The Undoing," playing her husband who suddenly goes missing, leaving a trail of mysteries and shocking revelations in his wake. Kidman is Grace Sachs, a successful therapist, and Grant is Jonathan Sachs, a renowned pediatric oncologist; the pair share a young son and a privileged life, but apparently there are still plenty of secrets between them.

Based on author Jean Hanff Korelitz’s book "You Should Have Known," the story follows Grace as she deals with a private disaster in the public eye, and how she must rebuild her life for the sake of her son. There's also a violent death involved, for those looking for more "BLL" similarities.

"The Undoing" will mark Grant's first major foray into American television, having previously appeared in the BBC/Amazon miniseries "A Very English Scandal." Though he starred with Kidman on the first "Paddington" movie, that was only in a voiceover capacity; we can't wait to see these two A-listers finally share the screen.

[via: Deadline]