BRITAIN-ENTERTAINMENT-CINEMA-PANHugh Jackman's tenure as Wolverine is winding down, with only one more movie left on his contract. So who does Jackman think would make a good replacement for him? None other than his fellow James Bond hopeful, Tom Hardy.

In an interview with MTV International promoting his role in "Pan," Jackman was asked about his choice for who should strap on his iconic claws once his reign as Wolverine is over. Jackman admitted that he's still processing the fact that he's not going to be playing the character for much longer, and joked that he didn't "want to make it too easy on the studio to replace me." But when he thought about it, Jackman said, there was one candidate who stood out.

"I think Tom Hardy could be great," Jackman told MTV.

It's weird to imagine anyone else filling Wolverine's shoes, since Jackman has played the "X-Men" mutant for 15 years. But with Fox's penchant for bringing in younger versions of its original "X-Men" stars in flicks like "First Class" and the most recent "Days of Future Past," it makes sense that they'd be looking to reboot Wolverine, too.

And as for his pick, Hardy has never been hotter. His "Mad Mad: Fury Road" starring role put him on the map earlier this year, and his name has been tossed about a whole lot recently in connection with potential James Bond casting. So why not Wolverine, too?

For more of Jackman's thoughts on his Wolverine replacement, check out his interview below.

[via: MTV International]

Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images