Please. Jon Snow already gets enough attention on "Game of Thrones." If HBO is going to OK a spinoff, it should be The Torienne Show, following Brienne and that "wildling with the beard," Tormund. But rumors starting spreading over the weekend, courtesy of U.K. tabloids like the Daily Star, that Kit Harington was in talks for his own series.

According to the Daily Star's report, a "senior executive at HBO confirmed 'exploratory talks'" with Kit about a spinoff. This exec reportedly said, "Any spin-off built around Jon Snow, who is hugely popular with fans, would also undoubtedly involve other characters from the cast. When the seventh season wraps next year, it's going to be a case of figuring out who we want to join us for a new show and which of those cast members actually want to jump on board." They added that the spinoff could make Kit one of the highest-paid stars in TV history, at more than £684,000 (around $990,000 U.S.) per episode.

But hold your Hodors, 'cause Entertainment Weekly talked to "reps for the show and actor" who said "there is zero truth to this."

EW added that HBO has consistently said there are no current plans for a spinoff or prequel -- however, that may change now that Michael Lombardo is leaving as HBO's top programming exec. There's a wealth of material for prequel stories, in the recent past or ancient history of author George R.R. Martin's universe.

It's still not even clear when this particular story is ending, though. The most recent news is a proposed ending of 13 more episodes spread across "Game of Thrones" Season 7 and Season 8. But that's not set in stone yet, either, so one kingdom at a time.

*If* HBO ever says yes to a spinoff, what would you most like to see? After Season 6's most recent episode, we'd love to follow young Ned, Lyanna, Benjen, and company, if for no other reason than to spend more time with Wylis.

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