voldemort, harry potterThroughout the "Harry Potter" series, villain Voldemort was also known as He Who Shall Not Be Named. Now, it seems that maybe that moniker stuck because no one could actually pronounce his real name correctly.

In a Twitter exchange with a "Potter" fan this week, author J.K. Rowling admitted that she's probably the only person who pronounces Voldemort's name the way she intended: without the T at the end. Wait, what?!

Well, first, some background: The name "Voldemort" is derived from French, and translates literally as "flight of death." And anyone who studied the language back in junior high can tell you that consonants at the end of French words are silent, meaning that we should all be saying "Vol-de-more" when we utter the Dark Lord's name.

But of course, anyone who's ever watched the films also knows that none of the characters call him this, not even his most loyal Death Eaters, and not Tom Riddle, who appeared before Harry in "The Chamber of Secrets" and revealed himself to be the younger version of You Know Who. So what gives? Did Hogwarts not offer an O.W.L. in French?

We may never know, but since Rowling said she's alone in this battle, we think it's safe to keep pronouncing Voldemort however you see fit. (Or stick with the safer He Who Must Not Be Named to avoid offending more sensitive magical folk.)

[via: J.K. Rowling]