If James McAvoy's time as Professor X in the "X-Men" universe comes to an end, he knows what iconic role he'd like to tackle next.

During a live Q&A on Instagram (captured by Fandom), McAvoy was asked which character he'd like to play in Warner Bros.' DC Universe.

"The Riddler, maybe," he said, referring to the infamous Batman villain. " Always liked him when I was growing up."

"I’ve always thought DC does really good bad guys."

McAvoy has been Charles Xavier for nearly a decade in the Fox franchise, but playing the Riddler is definitely more of a possibility now that the future of the "X-Men" franchise is up in the air, following Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox's film studio.

The next (and maybe last) movie in the franchise is this summer's "Dark Phoenix."

The X-Men property will return to its comics home in Marvel, and future movies will be overseen by Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige. 

As for The Riddler, he hasn't been seen on the big screen since Jim Carrey inhabited the role in 1995's "Batman Forever." However, director Matt Reeves is working on "The Batman" for Warner Bros. and has said it'll feature a "rogues gallery" of villains. 

And who's more rogue than The Riddler?