What do you do if the dress you intend to wear during a TV interview inexplicably pops a zipper? If you're Jenna Fischer, you make do -- and don a towel instead.

That was the actress's practical, albeit somewhat silly solution to that exact problem on Monday night, when she showed up to "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to promote her new sitcom, "Splitting Up Together." Unfortunately, Fischer first had to contend with a last-minute wardrobe malfunction.

"I waited a little too long to get dressed, and then my zipper broke, and I panicked," the actress told Kimmel, after she walked out onstage wearing jeans and a white bath towel wrapped around her torso, and carrying the offending garment on a hanger.

"You know, I am a Missouri girl, and the show must go on," Fischer said of her quick thinking to fashion a makeshift outfit out of what she had on hand. As for how it felt to wear a towel on national television?

"I've never been more comfortable," the actress declared, before qualifying that statement a bit.

"I am mentally a little freaking out that I'm on a talk show in a towel," she admitted, "but I'm physically very comfortable."

We think the artistic Pam Beesly would be proud of Fischer's creativity. But we also think the actress will probably be traveling with a backup outfit from now on.