"Once Upon a Time" hero Josh Dallas and his on-and-off-screen leading lady Ginnifer Goodwin left the ABC show after Season 6. Now that Season 7 has been confirmed as The End, we're hoping both Snow White and Charming will return for the finale.

In the meantime, it's good to hear that Dallas has also booked another intriguing role. According to Deadline, he landed the male lead in NBC's missing plane mystery pilot, "Manifest."

The plane in question disappears from radar during flight, only to reappear five years later after being presumed lost at sea. No time has passed for the passengers, but five years has gone by for everyone else, including their loved ones. Deadline says the series will follow the characters' personal lives as well as the larger mystery "and purpose that is their destiny." Here's hoping for a "Lost"-style balance, with intriguing mythology and actual answers by the end.

Dallas will play Ben Stone, Deadline reports. He's described as the "quintessential type-A father and intelligence analyst, Ben struggles against what he can't control — whether it's his son's rare pediatric cancer or the mysterious voice that's now inside his head."

"Valor" star Melissa Roxburgh landed the female lead, playing Michaela Stone, sister of Dallas' Ben Stone. "Wracked with guilt over a tragic accident, Michaela anguishes about whether she's fit to be a police officer and fiancée. When she mysteriously returns years later after being missing, she finds her life with a strange new purpose."

Cross your fingers that the pilot episode shows enough promise to make it to our eyeballs in the 2018-2019 TV season.

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