"The Last Man on Earth" for a fourth season, the Season 3 finale would be "the worst last episode of a show ever." He was not exaggerating.

The Season 3 finale aired last night, amid a lot of TV competition -- including the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards -- and fans certainly hope that was not the series finale.

In the May 7 finale, Pat (Mark Boone Junior) returned (again) ready to fight, but before he could shoot, he was shot himself by Kristen Wiig's Pamela Briton, who finally found the other survivors. Also, Erica gave birth, but Carol did not, so there is still a baby out there waiting to be born. Also, there's a nuclear meltdown to avoid. #Boom

Our group prepared to flee armageddon by sea, but star/creator Will Forte told TVLine Season 4 would not take place on a boat:

"If we were going to do that we would really want to shoot on the water and [that would be cost-prohibitive]. And when you fake too much stuff it's really horrible. So we won't be on a boat for too long."

He's hoping Kristen Wiig will return for Season 4, if there is one":

"Everything is subject to her schedule. But certainly the plan would be to pick up exactly where we left off. But she [may just] come back, say, 'Well, nice to meet you!' and get in her Ferrari and take off; time will tell. She can come be a part of the show for as long as she wants. She's the funniest person in the world to me."

He did sound hopeful that Fox would renew the show, admitting he's gone back and forth from pessimistic to hopeful, but now he feels like they have a shot for another season. Fans are hopeful for more, since the show hasn't run out of steam, there are big lingering cliffhangers, and Kristen Wiig is finally ready to join the party.

"Last Man on Earth" isn't known for its stellar ratings, so to get it back, fans may have to join the #RenewLastManonEarth campaign and let the network know they will watch if it returns ... and maybe promise to bring some friends to watch, too?

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