DC's Legends of Tomorrow," where the executive producer and his colleagues continue to concoct all sorts of time-travel action and interpersonal drama to test the ragtag team aboard the Waverider.

Guggenheim recently made a trip to WonderCon in Los Angeles, where amid his cross-chronological plotting and pacing he found a pocket of time for Moviefone and offered a peek at the future challenges ahead -- Jonah Hex! Per Degaton! Memories of Hawkman! -- for DC's finest.

Moviefone: The race is on to the end of the season. Let's talk about the things that you're excited for the fans to see going forward.

Marc Guggenheim: I tell you, the second half of the year I think is even stronger than the first half of the year. I just think we really hit our stride. The episodes that we've got coming up, they're even zanier. They're even wackier. I think we've got a couple of our timey-wimey-est episodes, some really cool ideas and concepts behind things. Some really fun character dynamics.

The development of the Ray/Kendra relationship is a big piece of that. You'll see more with Sara and Snart. Obviously, there's going to be fallout from Snart's voting Rory off the island, as it were, at the end of Episode Seven. There's a lot of pieces -- there's even pieces I don't even think the fans are expecting. We're going to learn a lot more about the in the back half of the year that I think people weren't planning on seeing. So a lot of fun stuff coming.

As we move into the second half of the season, is there somebody you would like to say, "Keep your eye on ____. They're going to shine maybe a little bit more than in the beginning of the season."

Good question! I would say keep your eye on Kendra. I think character really starts to come into her own. She learns how to be a more formidable fighter, and certainly there's the relationship with Ray. But there's also, she'll begin to have additional memories of Carter, so that'll be probably the most interesting love triangle that no other show could do.

We know DC's Wild West gunslinger Jonah Hex is coming! Tell me a little bit about what we're going to see in the show's take on him.

I think you're going to see a Jonah that's incredibly faithful to the comic book, with maybe the exception being he's got a little bit more sass than his comic book incarnation.

And Johnathon Schaech is amazing. Really. Like, he brings a level of malevolence to Jonah. He makes you scared of Jonah, in a really cool way. Despite that sass, you don't want to piss him off. I just think that edge, that danger, is just an enormous amount of fun, and very appropriate for the character.

From the comics, and maybe not in the planning stages for the show just yet, tell me some of the places and time periods from the DC Universe that you get excited about when you think about adapting for TV?

Oh, it's a good question. I would say, it's tricky because there's certain elements of the DC Universe that are sort of closed to us at the moment. But, you know, you never say never, and all things are possible. I would say, what's really exciting is we're going to go to the future, and we're going to go to the future more than once. So we're going to see different versions of the future, different time periods, and that's pretty cool. You'll also get a chance to meet Per Degaton, who we name-checked in the pilot, but it's fun to get a chance to see him.

A trip to the 30th Century, maybe?

Not necessarily that far in the future, but a fun nod to people who know the character.

And the wackiest DC character that you'd love to figure out how to do something with?

You know what? It's funny. I actually have been thinking a lot lately about the Creeper... It would be really hard to pull of correctly, but if we could, would really be a great addition to, or would fit very well in the "Legends" world.