When word got out that Quentin Tarantino, who previously tackled World War II and slavery in his own idiosyncratic way, would next pivot to the 1960s-shattering Tate murders, it quickly became Hollywood's most exciting and most controversial project.

Now, the movie has a title ("Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"), two of the biggest stars around (Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio), and a release date (August 9, 2019, the 50th anniversary of the murders). It also has Margot Robbie, as doomed starlet Sharon Tate.

While speaking to Robbie earlier today about her new thriller "Terminal," we brought up the Tarantino project, which starts filming this summer. We asked her if she was nervous about stepping into the shoes of such a revered cultural icon.

"There's always trepidation playing whatever role I have coming up. Whether they're real life or fictional, I feel a huge responsibility to portray them in an authentically truthful way. It terrifies me that I'm never going to pull it off," Robbie said. "So it's become a part of my process -- to be absolutely terrified that people will be disappointed. So, yes, as it is with all of the characters I play, I really hope I do a good job."

She also went on to explain how excited she is to be in a Quentin Tarantino movie, a chance that comes along all too infrequently (especially if he sticks to his ten-movies-and-done mantra). "I've always been a huge Tarantino fan. It's kind of a bucket list thing for me to see Tarantino work," Robbie said. "And I'm so thrilled to find myself in the position where I get to be a part of it."

We're thrilled, too.

You can see Robbie as another troubled blonde in "Terminal," debuting in theaters and on VOD this Friday.