Saturday Night Live" this weekend, and while he was there ostensibly to promote his Oscar-nominated role in the Best Picture winner "Birdman," the actor was instead bombarded by requests from the cast the reprise two of his most iconic roles: Batman and Beetlejuice.

During his monologue, Keaton was interrupted by Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan, who begged the actor to "play 'Batman' with us" and "play 'Beetlejuice' with us," citing their childhood love of those two '80s classics. The castmates broke into song to explain how much they idolized Keaton, and those movies in particular, as Keaton stammered and became more and more uncomfortable.

Things escalate until Killam and Moynihan decide to just act out scenes from "Batman" and "Beetlejuice" themselves, hilariously dressing up as characters from each film (Killam as Catherine O'Hara in "Beetlejuice" was especially inspired) and editing Keaton into the clips. Jay Pharoah also periodically pops in as The Joker and Harry Belafonte, adding another clever visual gag to the proceedings.

Check out the hilarious bit below, and enjoy having the "Will you play 'Batman' with us, Michael Keaton?" tune stuck in your head all day.

Photo credit: YouTube