Morgan Freeman has played presidents, senators, congressmen, Supreme Court justices, and now, he's adding Secretary of State to his resume.

The Oscar-winning actor will play Colin Powell in a biopic, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "Powell" is set during his time as the first African-American Secretary of State in George W. Bush's tenure.

The script by Ed Whitworth made Hollywood's 2011 Black List (a list of the best un-produced scripts). Reginald Hudlin, who recently made "Marshall," will direct.

The movie will focus on the lead-up to Powell's address advocating for war to the United Nations Security Council. Initially, the retired four-star army general initially opposed invading Iraq, not believing Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, but eventually gave way to hawks in the White House.

Morgan can next be seen opposite Tommy Lee Jones in the caper comedy "Just Getting Started."