Premiering on Netflix beginning February 23rd is the third season of the popular series ‘Outer Banks.’

What is ‘Outer Banks?’

'Outer Banks' is a Netflix series set in a coastal town along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where there is a deep social divide between the wealthy seasonal residents ("Kooks") and the working-class locals ("Pogues"). The show follows a group of Pogue teenagers who are determined to find out what happened to the missing father of the group's ringleader, John B. Along the way, they discover a legendary treasure that is tied to John B's father.

After losing the gold and fleeing the Outer Banks, Season 3 finds the Pogues washed ashore on a desert island that seems like an idyllic home. Officially deemed “Poguelandia,” the island’s newest residents spend their days fishing, swimming, and reveling in the carefree lifestyle of their temporary dwelling. But things quickly go south for John B, Sarah, Kiara, Pope, JJ, and Cleo when they find themselves once again caught up in a race for the treasure, quite literally running for their lives.

Who is in the cast of ‘Outer Banks?’

‘Outer Banks’ stars Madelyn Cline ('Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery') as Sarah Cameron, Chase Stokes as John B Routledge, Madison Bailey as Kiara "Kie" Carrera, Carlacia Grant as Cleo, Jonathan Daviss as Pope Heyward, Rudy Pankow as JJ Maybank, Austin North as Topper, Charles Esten as Ward Cameron, and Drew Starkey as Rafe Cameron.

Moviefone recently had the pleasure of speaking with Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, and Carlacia Grant about season 3 of Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks,’ how their characters have changed, and the success of the series.

Madelyn Cline, Carlacia Grant and Madison Bailey star in Netflix's 'Outer Banks' season 3.

(L to R) Madelyn Cline, Carlacia Grant and Madison Bailey star in Netflix's 'Outer Banks' season 3.

You can read the full interview below or click on the video player above to watch our interviews with Cline, Baily, Grant, Chase Stokes, Jonathan Daviss, Drew Starkey, and Austin North.

Moviefone: To begin with, Madison, can you talk about how season 2 ended and what viewers can expect from season 3?

Madison Bailey: Okay, lots to catch up on. Well, it ended with the Pogues jumping ship and ending up on a deserted island. It ended with Sarah having a close encounter with Ward. We ended with Rafe thinking about it. We ended in a heavy place for everybody. I mean, Kiara jumping off the ship and saving JJ, and we pick back up this season on the island and after a little bit of time's passed.

MF: Carlacia, do you think the action and the stakes of the series have gotten bigger as the seasons have progressed?

Carlacia Grant: Absolutely, in every way possible. I'm always amazed as to what we're going to do next. I made a joke last season, I said, I guess the only thing we can do now is land a plane and whatever.

MF: Madelyn, will season 3 explore Sarah’s relationship with John B and her family more this season?

Madelyn Cline: Yeah, season three was definitely a deep dive into the emotional side effects of everything she's gone through in the past two seasons. I think it all just kind of came to a head. So, this season was a really internally challenging one for me and her, and it was a really fun rollercoaster that I got to go on with her and explore. I really enjoyed it. I've always kind of asked our writers and our showrunners if we can maybe slow it down just a tiny bit with Sarah so we can do a little bit of emotional exploration, and I'm really excited we got to do it this year.

Chase Stokes as John B, Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, and Carlacia Grant as Cleo in 'Outer Banks.'

(L to R) Chase Stokes as John B, Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, and Carlacia Grant as Cleo in 'Outer Banks.' Photo: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2022.

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MF: Madison, Kiara has left her home of Outer Banks, how does that change the tone of this season for your character?

Madison Bailey: I think it changes all of the Pogues comfortability. I think that's when it's quite helpful to have our girl, Cleo, reminding us that we're not in the Outer Banks, friendly reminder. I think we're a bit more cautious and maybe in over our heads more than we think.

MF: Carlacia, is Cleo now officially a member of the Pogues?

Carlacia Grant: Absolutely. Sworn in. I took the ode to Pogue.

MF: Finally, ‘Outer Banks’ has become such a popular series, what has the feedback from your fans been like?

Madison Bailey: Our fans go hard, I think. That much we know. I think my favorite moments with my fans are the DMs that I get. The queer fans of the show have gravitated towards me and I get the most lovely messages of how I help them or how my character has helped them with their family.

Madelyn Cline and Madison Bailey in 'Outer Banks.'

(L to R) Madelyn Cline and Madison Bailey in 'Outer Banks.' Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2021.

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