Matthew McConaughey is definitely feeling alright, alright, alright in the new trailer for "The Beach Bum."

His stoner poet character Moondog is living the dream — shambling around Miami, high as a kite,  playing bongoes, indulging in women and booze, hanging out with Snoop Dogg and Jimmy freakin' Buffett, and spouting off philosophy.

The movie comes from writer/director Harmony Korine, his first project since 2012's "Spring Breakers." And like that movie, this one boasts sun-bleached, hazy visuals and a lot of neon-lit nights. McConaughey totally looks in his element as a "rebellious rogue."

"The Beach Bum" also stars Isla Fisher, Jonah Hill, Zac Efron, and Martin Lawrence and debuts at the 2019 Film Festival. It opens in theaters March 22.