The new trailer for "Minions," the upcoming spinoff of the "Despicable Me" series, dives deeper into the world of the little yellow guys who serve evil masterminds with glee, this time focusing on their origins and where they were B.G. (Before Gru, their master in "Despicable").

We're treated to a montage of the Minions' travels over millennia in search of the next big, bad villain to serve, who include cavemen out to kill dinosaurs, vampires, and even Napolean. Alas, none of their masters survives for very long (a side effect of the little guys' so-called help), and so they continue to wander the globe, eventually ending up at an event staged by Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock), who's looking for some new henchmen to help her steal Queen Elizabeth II's crown.

The Minions gleefully sign up, but as we've seen in the "Despicable" flicks (and in this very trailer), they're not the most adept, and quickly land on Scarlet's bad side. She vows revenge, though we know they make it out of the scrape alive -- and have some fun kissing yellow fire hydrants and playing with the queen's corgis along the way. (That's a sentence we never thought we'd type.)

Check out the cute clip below, and prepare yourself for the sight of a Minion sporting a thong. You've been warned. "Minions" is due in theaters on July 10.

Photo credit: YouTube

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