At a loss for what to watch this week? From new TV, we've got you covered.

New Video on Demand, Rental Streaming, and Digital

"Spider-Man: Homecoming"
Underoos is ready to swing into your home. Tom Holland's first solo film as Peter Parker will debut on digital this Tuesday, Sept. 26 and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD October 17. As usual for Marvel, the extras are stellar. Digital and Blu-ray bonus materials include "The Spidey Study Guide," a gag reel, 10 deleted scenes, seven behind-the-scenes featurettes, and "Rappin' with Cap: Captain America PSAs." The Cap PSAs alone are worth it.

"Literally, Right Before Aaron"
Justin Long, Cobie Smulders, Ryan Hansen, John Cho, Kristen Schaal, Dana Delany, Peter Gallagher, Lea Thompson, and Luis Guzmán star in this romantic comedy written, directed, and edited by Ryan Eggold. "Still reeling from his breakup, Adam (Justin Long) is devastated when he learns that his ex (Cobie Smulders) is engaged. What's worse is he's invited to the wedding. When Adam returns home for the festivities, he must confront his unresolved feelings and an uncertain future in hopes of convincing himself and everyone else that he is truly happy for her." The film is in theaters and On Demand September 29. Check out the trailer.

• "Game of Thrones: The Complete Seventh Season"
Winter is coming, and that's when GoT Season 7 will be on DVD and Blu-ray. But first, the seven episodes will be available for digital download on Monday, September 25. The DVD/Blu-ray will be out December 12, including a bunch of new behind-the-scenes featurettes, commentary on every episode, and even a bonus disc containing "Conquest & Rebellion: An Animated History of the Seven Kingdoms." For now, the digital download release coming out this week includes the new "Creating the North and Beyond" featurette taking fans behind the scenes of Jon Snow's trek north of The Wall.• "Tin Star" Season 1 (Amazon)
The 10 episodes of this drama/thriller/dark comedy debut on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, Sept. 29. "Set in the majestic Canadian Rockies, 'Tin Star' tells the story of Jim Worth (Tim Roth), a former British detective now small town police chief, who brings his family to the tiny, tranquil town of Little Big Bear for a better life. When a vast new oil refinery, fronted by corporate liaison Elizabeth Bradshaw (Christina Hendricks), opens nearby and their new home is flooded with workers looking for drugs, gambling and prostitution, Jim has to work hard to protect his family and the town from organized crime." Check out the trailer.

This documentary, which recently premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, is opening in select theaters and TVOD on Friday, Sept. 29. "Directed by journalist turned filmmaker Camila Hall, 'Copwatch' follows WeCopwatch, an organization dedicated to filming the police and capturing excessive use of force and police brutality, including members who filmed the deaths of Eric Garner and Freddie Gray. The film turns the camera on those who stood behind the lens and how their lives and those of their family have been impacted as they made the choice to 'record and protect.'" Check out the trailer.

TV Worth Watching

It's back to school week for dozens of TV series starting their Fall 2017-2018 seasons this week. Here are just a few new or returning shows. Check out more at this calendar.

• "This Is Us" Season 2 (Tuesday on NBC at 9 p.m.)
Break out the Kleenex as Season 2 starts with -- and why not? -- "A Father's Advice": "Randall and Beth debate a big life change; Kate takes the first step in pursuing a new passion; Kevin balances the demands of his career and relationship; Jack and Rebecca deal with the fallout of their big fight."

• "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 (Thursday on ABC at 8 p.m.)
Season 14 starts with a two-hour premiere of back-to-back episodes. Episode 1 is called "Break Down the House": "Meredith and the team focus on helping Owen's sister after her shocking return; Amelia faces a conflict over a patient; Bailey gives Grey Sloan a makeover; the doctors meet a few new people." Episode 2 is "Get Off on the Pain": "Meredith struggles to come up with a new plan for Owen's sister; Jo makes a surprising choice regarding Alex; Andrew's sister's controversial research leads to a shocking discovery."

• "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Season 9 (Sunday on HBO at 10 p.m.)
Larry David is back -- and it feels pretty, pretty, pretty good. Season 9 starts October 1 with "Foisted!" as "Larry tries to rid himself of an inept assistant, offends Jeff's barber, and gets into hot water over a new project." Sounds like Larry all right.

"Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers" Season 35 (Wednesday on CBS at 8 p.m.)
This is the 35th (!) season of "Survivor," including a new theme and some new twists. The premiere is called "I'm Not Crazy, I'm Confident" as the castaways compete; one tribe earns an advantage; and a super idol contains a new twist.

• "Saturday Night Live" Season 43 (Saturday on NBC at 11:29 p.m.)
SNL will continue what it started last year by having Season 43 (!!!) air live coast-to-coast for its during. The September 30 premiere will be hosted by Ryan Gosling, with Jay-Z as musical guest.

New series: Amid all the returning series are a few newbies. Here are just two starting this week:

• "Seal Team" (Wednesday on CBS at 9 p.m.)
David Boreanaz stars in this series following an elite unit of Navy SEALs, who "must navigate their professional and personal lives as they execute dangerous, high stakes missions." Episode 1 airs September 27 after the "Survivor" premiere, and it's called "Tip of the Spear."

• "The Brave" (Monday on NBC at 10 p.m.)
This new drama series starring Mike Vogel (Captain Adam Dalton) and Anne Heche (D.I.A. Deputy Director Patricia Campbell) starts Monday after "The Voice" premiere. Here's the pilot synopsis: "Adam and his team, with help from Director Campbell and her team of analysts, must rescue a kidnapped doctor from a group with terrorist ties."

New on Netflix

This coming Sunday marks the start of a new month, and you know what that means: A ton of new titles will be arriving on Netflix for streaming as of Sunday, Oct. 1, and many more will be leaving. But before those new TV and film titles arrive on Sunday, there are these guys to enjoy in the last week of September:

"Gerald's Game" (Netflix Original Film)
Carla Gugino stars in Netflix's adaptation of Stephen King's horror novel. For the record, King himself called this movie "Horrifying, hypnotic, terrific. It's gonna freak you out." Netflix's simple tease reads, "Breaking free will require more than keeping her sanity." Watch the full movie, co-starring Bruce Greenwood, this Friday, September 29. Here's the trailer:"Our Souls at Night" (Netflix Original Film)
Screen legends Robert Redford and Jane Fonda reunite for this film that just debuted at the 2017 Venice Film Festival and arrives on Netflix September 29. Matthias Schoenaerts, Judy Greer, Bruce Dern, and Iain Armitage co-star in the drama, based on the novel by Kent Haruf. "It is possible to find love next door." Here's the trailer:• "The Magic School Bus Rides Again" Season 1 (Netflix Original)
This reboot of the classic series follows Ms. Frizzle's sister (Kate McKinnon) as she takes her class on science adventures in a high-tech bus. The "Magic" begins September 29. Check out the trailer.

"Big Mouth" Season 1 (Netflix Original)
Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg created this edgy half-hour animated comedy based on their own awkward years of teenage puberty. Kroll voices his fictional self, alongside John Mulaney, Maya Rudolph, Jason Mantzoukas, Jordan Peele, Fred Armisen, Jenny Slate, and Jessi Klein. "Relive puberty from the safety of your sofa." The series arrives on Netflix September 29. Check out the trailer.

• "Dark Matter" Season 3
This is it. Syfy canceled "Dark Matter" after Season 3, so this is the final season. You can watch all 13 episodes on Netflix starting September 25.

New on DVD and Blu-ray

"47 Meters Down"
This horror thriller starring Mandy Moore and Claire Holt is already on digital and you can watch it on Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand this Tuesday, September 26. "Sisters Lisa and Kate become trapped at the bottom of the ocean when a diving expedition to observe sharks goes horribly wrong. When the cable attaching the cage sinks to the bottom of the ocean, the sisters must figure out a way to get back to safety battling injuries, lack of oxygen, and worst of all, bloodthirsty, great white sharks." A sequel is already in the works, called "48 Meters Down."

"Transformers: The Last Knight"
The fifth film in the live-action "Transformers" franchise, and sequel to "Transformers: Age of Extinction," arrives on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on September 26. Extras include several behind-the-scenes featurettes, including one called "Merging Mythologies" exploring the secret "Transformers" history. "The Last Knight" will also be available as part of the "Transformers" five-movie Blu-ray collection this week.

Redbox: New discs coming to Redbox as of September 26 include "Wonder Woman," "Transformers: The Last Knight," "47 Meters Down," "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas," "Girl in the Box," "Mune: Guardian of the Moon," "Grow House," "Paris Can Wait, " "2:22," "Layover," "The Control Group," and "3 Idiots."

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