Songwriter Diane Warren (L) and singer-songwriter Lady Gaga

Songwriter Diane Warren (L) and singer-songwriter Lady Gaga

Passed down from one legend to another, Lady Gaga is sharing the best career advice she has ever received.

The acclaimed singer and Oscar Best Original Song nominee, along with co-nominee Diane Warren (songwriter), revealed at the 2016 nominated class’ luncheon on Tuesday the wise words that guides her career are from crooner Tony Bennett.

“But it was passed down from Duke Ellington to him,” she notes in a video posted on the Academy Awards Twitter page. “He was telling me a story about how he and his buddies would sneak Duke Ellington into the back of hotels when there was still segregation. Over the years they all became very good friends.”

Referring to Bennett explaining Ellington’s advice to him, she said, “He told him: ‘Tony, No. 1, never give up, and No. 2, never stop listening to No. 1.’”

“That is the best advice ever,” Warren, seated alongside Gaga, responded.

The famed songwriter shared some of her own wisdom too: “Not to pay attention to the negativity. That’s the best advice I’ve gotten and could give.”

Warren, who has been previously nominated for seven Best Original Song Oscars, vies for an eighth time in the category for her collaboration with Gaga on “Til It Happens to You” for the 2015 documentary “The Hunting Ground.”