“Nerdicity” isn’t an actual word, but if it were, Paul Rudd’s face would be next to it in the dictionary. In his long distinguished career, Rudd has been in a lot of movies, but, according to Jon Stewart, he is now the “pinnacle of nerdicity,” thanks to his role in “Ant-Man.”

"It is, it is the pinnacle," Rudd told the host of "The Daily Show," referring to his newfound superhero status. "I can't believe that I'm here. I can't believe that I'm in the world, that I'm in the Marvel universe."

As unlikely as Ant-Man is a superhero, Rudd is equally as unlikely a champion worthy of fighting evil.

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The affable actor joked that he is not "heroic," "strong," or interested in "saving the world." In fact, he said that he's "not even close" to being a good actor.

Kidding aside, though, Rudd did have a small sentimental moment for the outgoing TV host.

"You know what I'm gonna miss? Everything, like all of these people. It is the truth," he said. "It is always a grind, you know. You have to promote, you do all of these shows. Every time with you, Jon, it's different. Everybody feels the same."

Stewart claimed that his show is different because he doesn't actually prepare for interviews, something he apparently has in common with his guest.

Rudd’s retort: "That's why we're a perfect match."



"Heroes don't get any bigger."
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