One of the funniest gags in cult comedy "Office Space" was Michael Bolton, a character played by actor David Herman who just so happened to have the same name as the famous singer. The movie had some fun at the real Bolton's expense, and now, the singer is showing he's a good sport by acting out scenes from the flick.

In a Funny or Die video, Bolton steps into Herman-as-Bolton's shoes, spouting the same dialogue as the actor when other characters bring up the similarities between the two men's names. Bolton makes one key change to the classic "no-talent ass-clown" line, but we won't spoil it for you.

We're not sure why it took more than 15 years for someone to think of having the real Bolton parody the movie, but we're sure glad the folks at Funny or Die finally made it happen. Check out the clip below -- which also features Bolton going to town on a broken copier, just like his on-screen alter ego -- and enjoy the silliness.

[via: Funny or Die]

Photo credit: Funny or Die