Can you believe it's been 20 years since "Rush Hour" exploded into theaters and gave us the winning combination that is Jackie Chan's fists and Chris Tucker's mouth?

Celebrate the anniversary of one of the last great buddy cop movies by learning some fun new facts about "Rush Hour."

1. Tucker wasn't the first choice for the role of Detective Carter. The role was previously turned down by Eddie Murphy, and other actors like Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, and Dave Chappelle were also considered.

2.Chris Farley was originally set to co-star alongside Lawrence. However, even before his death in 1997, it was decided to alter the role to feature an Asian lead instead.

3. While by all accounts Tucker and Chan got along swimmingly, Chan also confessed that working with Tucker was a stressful experience. Chan's own lack of experience with English, coupled with Tucker's habit of improvising much of his own dialogue, made for a challenging shoot for both actors.

4. "Rush Hour" was Jackie Chan's big breakout hit in the US, and it also happens to be the first film where he spoke English without having his voice dubbed over in post-production.

5. During the film, Chan's character is taken to view the celebrity hand and footprints on display at Grauman's Chinese Theater. Coincidentally, Chan himself had his prints added to the lineup in 2013.

6. Actor George Cheung (below, right) played one of Soo Yung's kidnappers in this film. He later went on to play Captain Chen in the 2016 CBS TV series.

7. The final battle sequence was significantly expanded after test audiences requested more action scenes with Chan.

8. "Rush Hour" is considered by some to be a remake of 1988's "Red Heat," which features a similar premise about two detectives from different countries (played in this case by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Belushi) joining forces to stop an international incident.

9. "Rush Hour" has so far inspired two film sequels and a TV reboot. As of 2017, Chan confirmed that a fourth movie is in the works, though he also revealed that Tucker has yet to sign off on the script.