"Fuller House" is about to get more crowded, with another character from original series "Full House" set to return for the Netflix revival.

Scott Weinger, who played D.J.'s boyfriend Steve on the show, will also be back for "Fuller House," though it's unclear just how big of a role he'll play (or how many episodes he'll appear in). Weinger revealed his casting on Twitter, posting a photo of a "Fuller House" script that appears to have been taken at a table read. (A placard with his name and character's name is also in the shot.)

Steve recurred on "Full House" throughout the latter half of the series, dating D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) beginning in season five and getting bumped up to a series regular in season six. His character went off to college and Weinger eventually left the show, though he popped up once more in the series finale to sweep D.J. off her feet.

Though there are no details yet on just what Steve is doing back in the Tanner household, he'll be meeting a decidedly different D.J.: In "Fuller House," D.J. is pregnant and recently widowed, and she's raising two other kids alone. (The Hollywood Reporter also suggests that Steve could be D.J.'s deceased husband, appearing in flashbacks, though from the scant character descriptions we've gotten so far that doesn't seem too likely.) It sounds like heavy stuff, though the original series started the same way (swapping in Bob Saget's Danny as the widower), so we trust that showrunners will be able to weave in the sad back story organically.

Weinger is just the latest familiar face to join the revival, with most of the original cast -- sans the Olsen twins -- set to return. "Fuller House" will hit Netflix sometime in 2016.

[via: Scott Weinger, h/t The Hollywood Reporter]

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