Meet the newest totally tubular addition to Hawkins, Indiana: Starcourt Mall!

"Stranger Things" Season 3 is set in 1985, following our intrepid teen characters as they battle supernatural forces. And what's an '80s teen story without a cheesy mall experience?

The official "Stranger Things" account just shared a fabulous retro teaser to show off the new location, ending with the revelation that our own beloved single mom Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) now has a job at Starcourt.

It looks like he's not-very-enthusiastically working at an ice cream shop called Scoops Ahoy. And is that Maya Thurman-Hawke as his co-worker?

Maya Thurman-Hawke is one of the new human characters being added in Season 3. She'll play Robin, described as "an alternative girl who is equal parts sharp and playful." She's bored with her day job and wants a little more excitement in her life, but gets more than she bargained for when she uncovers a dark secret in Hawkins.

OK, so the pieces are coming together. More Season 3 teases and photos should be arriving fairly soon. Season 3 will drop on Netflix sometime in 2019.

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