Let's bone this turkey!

HBO released the trailer for Season 2 of "Succession," the dysfunctional family drama chronicling the ups, downs, and excesses of the Murdoch Roy family.

The Roys continue to jockey for power, with patriarch Logan (Brian Cox) still pitting his children against each other. Kendall (Jeremy Strong) is attempting to pick up the pieces of his life, while Shiv (Sarah Snook) seems to put aside her political career to take on a role in the family's media empire.

The rest do what they do best: Roman (Kieran Culkin) smirks and throws one-liners around like grenades; Tom (Matthew McFadyen) has a meltdown, uh, "executive-level business"; and Greg (Nicholas Braun) haplessly watches on the side.

There are formidable new faces this season in Cherry Jones and Holly Hunter, be they allies or enemies.

"Succession" Season 2 premieres August 11 on HBO.