Well ... wow. "THE END." That's how Showtime closed the "Penny Dreadful" Season 3 finale, and that's it. That was the last episode of the TV series.

This was not announced ahead of time, but apparently it was always the plan.


Season 3 ended with the death of Vanessa Ives (Eva Green), and series creator John Logan told Entertainment Weekly that's where he wanted to end the story. "I realized that's where the third season was going to head," Logan told EW. "It was going to head to Vanessa sacrificing herself and reuniting with God." EW has a full Q&A with Logan and Showtime CEO David Nevins, which you can check out for more.

Nevins also told The Hollywood Reporter, "John has decided the show really, at its core, has always been Vanessa Ives. John has said three seasons is enough and I think it's really interesting that we live in this world where the every show can have its own rhythm and create its own destiny. This is a case of your creator says this is the best thing for the show and eventually you just say OK, do it, just do it well."

Watch this video to hear the cast and crew discuss the end of the series:

What do you think about this three-seasons-and-done decision, and how the series ended?

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