There are years that live larger than others, like 1999 and its Y2K madness. In case there was any question, 2016 has become one of them as well. The proof? A new parody video called "2016: The Movie."

Created by Friend Dog Studios, a comedy trio composed of Brian Huther, Ben Auxier, and Seth Macchi, the video is a spoof horror movie trailer that examines the beast of a year we've had. It touches on the lowlights of 2016, including the death of Harambe the gorilla, the shocking turns in politics around the world, and the slew of tragic celebrity deaths.

"It's like things you never expect are happening everywhere," says one of the characters in the video.

The year itself seems to be one of the villains, alongside another -- wearing what looks a whole lot like a Donald Trump mask -- and they show up to wreak havoc on the poor, confused characters. Along the way, there are also classic horror elements that add to the hilarity, from children singing to a montage of brutal weapons.Let's hope this thing is wrong and the worst of 2016 is behind us.

[via: Friend Dog Studios/YouTube]