Spider-Man. Black Panther. The Airport scene. Prepare to be talking about them after you see "Captain America: Civil War."

Cap's third solo (sort of) movie isn't arriving in theaters until May 6, so it's a wee bit too early to be checking Rotten Tomatoes for official reviews. However, some critics got to see the movie almost a month early, and shared brief reactions on Twitter. Long story short: They loved it. Granted, screening audiences tend to be overly enthusiastic, but they got pretty specific (and consistent) about what they loved, while avoiding any spoilers:

So they kinda liked it, huh?

Anthony Mackie (Falcon) said this was Marvel's best movie to date and the first to maybe even be worthy of a Best Picture nomination. Too much hype? Maybe. Chris Evans was at the MTV Movie Awards over the weekend to show off the first full clip from the movie, featuring Cap, Falcon, and Scarlet Witch. Watch that over here and prepare to judge the film for yourself next month.

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