There may be a "New Pope" in (Vatican) town, but Jude Law is still feeling — and looking  — fine.

HBO released a teaser trailer for the eight-episode follow-up series to 2016's "The Young Pope."

The teaser shows Law's Pope Pius XIII (aka Lenny) strolling along the beach in a blinding white Speedo as women gaze in adoration, while John Malkovich's new pope grimly walks through the Vatican with various attendants.

Contrary to the sunny outlook for Lenny, he's actually in a seemingly permanent coma. That's why Malkovich has been appointed as pontiff.

But as creator Paolo Sorrentino teased to Variety, "Jude Law’s coma may not be so irreversible. It may have some unexpected novelties, so that two popes can co-exist in the episodes that follow."

He added, "This creates a disruption. For one billion Catholics, this reawakening can be thought of as a resurrection which within the fictional story that we are telling can lead to new and unpredictable consequences."

"The New Pope" will screen two episodes at the Venice Film Festival. It does not yet have a premiere date on HBO.