Nostalgia for "The Office"? Isn't that a little premature? (That's what she said!) After all, it's only been two years since the beloved sitcom ended its nine-season run. Still, it's clear that the Dunder-Mifflin alumni have, for the most part, flourished since the mockumentary series ended.

Case in point: "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," a new Netflix sitcom from "30 Rock" writers Tina Fey and Robert Carlock that debuts March 6, starring Ellie Kemper, still best known as wide-eyed Dunder-Mifflin receptionist Erin. Fey and Carlock created the comedy with Kemper in mind, casting her as a woman who's putting her life back together in New York City after having spent 15 years in a cult.

Of course, Kemper isn't the only one to have survived the cult phenomenon of "The Office" and gone on to exciting new projects. Here's what's become of your favorite TV white-collar workers since they closed up shop in Scranton.