"The Walking Dead" Season 6 is on a mini filming break right now, but it'll be back in business on August 17 to shoot the second half of the 16-episode season, which premieres Sunday, October 11 on AMC. In the second half, we should visit at least one new location from the comic book: Hilltop Colony.

*Comic book and filming spoilers ahead*

In the second half of Season 5, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company arrived in Alexandria, Virginia, which is the No. 1 location where the story should be based for a long time (although filming is still based in Georgia). But in the comic book, once Rick and company are in Alexandria, they start to learn about other communities in the area. They come across a guy named Paul Monroe, who has the nickname "Jesus" in part for his appearance. He's based at a large farming community called Hilltop Colony and the "Walking Dead" location peeps appear to be building the place. Here are some spoiler photos from July and more recently in August:

Thanks John:Hilltop anyone? Thanks to our eye in the sky, we have an updated photo of the Hilltop set that's being...

Posted by The Spoiling Dead Fans on Monday, July 20, 2015

Thanks John:Our eye in the sky has a new photo update for the Hilltop! It's looking f'n fantastic! There still seems...

Posted by The Spoiling Dead Fans on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It also looks like a casting notice was released for a character that sounds like Jesus. According to Spoil the Dead, AMC is looking for "Jason" (probably a placeholder name) to start in Episode 10 and be around for the end of the season and beyond:

[JASON] Late 20s-30s, CAUCASIAN / LATINO. Smart, friendly, and charming with a puckish sense of humor. He can be a thief, but he'll only steal half of what you have, and only if he knows it won't cause any permanent damage. He's generally a benevolent guy -- pretty much making friends with everyone he meets. RECURRING GUEST STAR W/ SERIES OPTION FOR SUBSEQUENT SEASONS (7/16). ARTIST MUST BE AVAILABLE 8/22-11/19.

If this "Jason" is Jesus, that's good news for viewers. Jesus is a very popular, badass character who becomes close with Rick Grimes. If Jesus shows up in Episode 10, and they follow the comic, he won't have the best first meeting with Rick's group, but eventually he should show Rick Hilltop ... maybe by Episode 13 or 14? Just a guess. Who will play Jesus? That might be the next big question. And then the Negan talk will start back up again. One thing at a time, though. Do you agree that it looks like Jesus and Hilltop are coming our way in the second half of Season 6? We'll get all the answers when 6B airs from mid-February to late March/early April 2016.

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