NBC is keeping the Pearson clan together for a few more years: The network has renewed hit series "This Is Us" for three -- yes, three -- more seasons.

Such a lengthy renewal is certainly unusual,  but that's the power of the tearjerker series, which has mesmerized viewers since its launch back in 2016 (its record-breaking trailer featuring Milo Ventimiglia's naked behind probably had a hand in piquing fans' interest). During its powerhouse first season, NBC renewed "This Is Us" through season three; now, after last month's third season finale, the series has been secured through season six.

Whether or not that season -- set to end in 2022 -- will be the show's last is currently unclear, as NBC executives told reporters that they'd assess its status when season six rolled around. But "This Is Us" creator Dan Fogelman had previously explained that he saw the third season finale as the show's "midpoint," and had envisioned the series running through a sixth season.

That can certainly change, of course, as the award-winning drama hasn't been shy about throwing viewers curveballs and branching out into new storytelling territory. Audiences will have to wait and see what the future holds for the Pearsons, but at least they'll have a few more years to prepare for the end.

"This Is Us" returns for season four on Tuesdays this fall on NBC.

[via: Twitter Moments]