A tidy home is a joyful home for organization guru Marie Kondo.

Netflix released the first trailer for "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo," an eight-episode series that's like "Hoarders" but more heartwarming.

Kondo deploys her world-famous KonMari method from her bestselling book to guide people who are at a crossroads. They have resolved to finally tackle the clutter blocking their joy, and in the process, transform their lives in emotional and surprising ways.

The trailer offers peeks at the kinds of situations Kondo will face: a couple expecting a new baby, a widow grappling with clearing out her husband's things, a family that is forced to downsize.

After the consumeristic indulgences of the holidays, the series arrives just in time for a New Year's household cleansing.

"Tidying With Marie Kondo" premieres January 1 on Netflix.