"Awakening" -- When Barbie enlists his father's help to reach out to Julia, he realizes that Don may know more about the Dome than he is letting on. Meanwhile, Big Jim appoints himself sheriff of Chester's Mill, on UNDER THE DOME, Monday, August 18 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.    Pictured (L-R) Rachelle Lefevre     as Julia Shumway and Dean Norris as James "Big Jim" Rennie  Photo: Best Possible Screen grab/CBS2014 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.Are you ready to go back "Under the Dome" -- and outside the Dome, around the corner from the Dome, or wherever CBS sends us next? Season 3 of the show that is really not following Stephen King's book at all anymore premieres this Thursday, June 25 at 9 p.m. with back-to-back episodes. In "Move On" and "But I'm Not," CBS says:

The residents of Chester's Mill appear both inside and outside the Dome following their mysterious encounter in the tunnels beneath the town. As the Dome begins to reveal its ultimate agenda, the townspeople are forced to question what and whom they can trust as fresh threats appear, new residents emerge and surprising alliances form."

On the new residents front, it looks like Marg Helgenberger will guest star as Christine Price, a Chester's Mill resident with insight into the Dome's origins, and Eriq La Salle guest stars as Hektor Martin, the ruthless CEO of the energy company run by Barbie's (Mike Vogel) father.

And on the "surprising alliances" front, TV Guide has some scoop on why (gasp!) Big Jim Rennie (Dean Norris) and Julia Shumway (Rachelle Lefevre) will actually be on the same side this season, even though she was last seen stabbing him to stop him from killing her. As UTD creator Neal Baer told TV Guide:

Julia and Big Jim become - I wouldn't say bosom buddies, but they certainly become allies against everyone. They unite against the enemy within. That's the theme of this season ... struggling to live under the dome and fight the enemy within. And it's not Big Jim."

The showrunner said this alliance is tied to who or what is really behind the Dome:

Big Jim and Julia really come to terms where he says, 'You've always said the Dome was here to protect us. You've always had faith in the Dome. You're wrong.' And Julia comes to see that maybe Big Jim is right."

Big Jim is right?! Don't tell him, it'll go straight to his ego. Are you coming along for the ride with this crazy train departs on Thursday?

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